Interactive Building Construction Management System

Kotopro makes the process of documenting construction and renovation work comprehensive yet easy– saving you time, money and giving you peace of mind.

Realtime, transparent, efficient – what you see is what you get
There is a lot to document on a large worksite. Kotopro helps to manage the whole construction process in a transparent and realtime way. The internet-based service allows you to follow in real time construction or renovation projects, allowing you to access, log, monitor and save the whole project. You can take pictures on your cell phone (Download Nokia -version and Android -version ), write a daily diary, make TR- ja MVR-measurements and collect all project records and document them with the system.

Easy to use and intuitive
Learning to use it only takes a moment and it is a natural part of work progression. The during-construction record with pictures is of indispensable help after the building is finished. On it, one can see how individual construction elements have been installed or where they are located.

Kotopro – you are always one step ahead of the rest
”We understand the importance of documentation, but prior to the introduction of Kotopro, photos, records, check lists were stored on our employee’s computers, mobile phones and e-mails. Now I can see them immediately. Kotopro automates documentation reliably, consistently and in the most easily accessible place to view everything”.